How much does proper brushing matter?

How much does proper brushing matter? 

Oral health comes mainly from paying your dentist regular visits, right? Wrong. It is simple brushing that can drastically improve and maintain your oral health. In actual fact, zero in on the chemical, biological and complicated process your teeth go through before and after that simple brushing, and you will definitely form quite a different opinion.

Now, how does this process of decay or signs of it all begin? By a teeny tiny microscopic fellow named “bacteria”. Neglect your gums and teeth by not doing that simple brushing and see how millions of those fellows gather together and form this transparent layer which coats your teeth and later on turns into plaque.
 Basically our teeth have grooves, pits and fissures (as can be seen in the image) where food particles can get. These food particles, if not removed, turn into that fellow bacteria which is the initial source causing tooth decay.
As for the essential role that simple brushing performs in safeguarding your gums, not only does it give your gums a soothing massage resulting in a better blood circulation, it also maintains a fresh breath.
So the next time you are about to hit the hay without brushing, just review this whole scenario and ask yourself if it is worth it!
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